For Contributors

Each week this blog will have a different theme. Themes are posted in the "Upcoming Themes" tab. Contributors email a photo they took that is somehow connected (directly, indirectly, symbolically, psychologically, philosophically, perceptually, sensationally, etc. etc.) to the weekly theme. Contributors may include their name, a title and/or text along with their photographs if they wish to do so, but this is not required. 

New themes are listed three weeks ahead, so be sure to include the theme in the subject line of your email. Each themed blog post will be published the day after the due date.
To contribute, please email your themed photo to:

For those who are admins and wish to keep uploading photos yourselves, you may still do so. We want to keep the posts as a draft until the due date, so here are some new instructions:

Upload your photo, then click "publish." It seems counter-intuitive, but the post won't go live until the scheduled date.  
Please DO NOT edit a post after it has gone live.

Thank you!

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